I have been doing web development since 1994 and have been in marketing since 2005 in many different industries. I am especially experienced in the Gaming/Anime/Comic-book retail industries. I also have significant experience in staffing, trade shows, conventions, in-store promotions, and merchandising.

What I offer is all the below-listed services as a subscription service, this makes it much easier for many small and home-based businesses to afford. I literally become your entire marketing department at a low monthly rate. We have both $100 and $200 per month packages.

No additional charges are ever added unless something is needed that comes out of pocket and is discussed upfront.

What my services include, but are not limited to:

Web Development/Graphic Design

I will develop/design the website for your business. This includes website framework setup (WordPress), aesthetics (Theme Design & Deployment), functionality (plugin deployment), and will handle the management of content on the site for you.


I will lend to you my background and combined 25+ years of experience in Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, Merchandising, Social Media, and Design as a consultant. My role is to come up with suggestions and ideas for creative marketing, advertising, and promotions. It is up to the client whether to follow the given advice or not.


If merchandising is something you wish to investigate, I have a lot of experience and connections to make almost anything with your branding, or designs on it at reasonable pricing to your customers/followers with no up front costs in most circumstances.

Social Media

I will assist and advise with social media management; this includes Intermittent posting on ads and promotions that you send to me. Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/TikTok/YouTube (I can also use any other social media you prefer if given the chance to familiarize myself with it). My role is to take what you want to be posted and reword it or clean it up, if necessary, to increase Its interactions and likes. I can then interpret the analytics and advise you based on that information.

Web Hosting (no additional charge except those mentioned below)

(Preferred, but not necessary). If hosting is not done on my servers, I am not able to guarantee things like security, stability, or up-times. I will take all steps to ensure these things on whatever hosting you have in place through the framework I set up within my capabilities.

Web-hosting addons (as needed): ($10 -$15/mo.)

  • Backups (Weekly or Daily) – Full Backups of your site on a regular basis
  • Link Monitoring – Regularly scans your site for any broken links.
  • Automated Security scans – Regularly scan for any hacking attempts or malicious code
  • Automated Performance Checks – checks the speed & load times of your site
  • Uptime Monitoring – Regularly reports and downtime of your site on the hosting server
  • Automated SEO Analysis – Regularly Checks your site against SEO keywords and more.
  • Monthly Client Reports – Results of all the above + any eCommerce emailed to you.


I am big on communication, I work from home and prefer contact through FB messenger, discord, or via email. Due to health issues beyond my control, I prefer to limit phone calls to a minimum. Also, it is much easier to follow deadlines, requests, and instructions when they are in writing. However am reachable by phone simply by messaging me to see if I’m avaliable.


Also included in this is the idea that you will get absolute transparency and honesty from me about all the above and more. If I don’t know something, if there is an issue, if there’s is information missing that I need from you, I will communicate these things as quickly as possible to prevent delays and always with 100% honesty.